Hansel & Gretel Nominated for KoI Award

Opera North’s 2017 production of Hansel & Gretel has been nominated for Best Video Design in the 2017 Knights of Illumination awards.


The show was designed by Ian William Galloway, and made use of wireless live cameras, projection mapping and props to arrange and create the world outside the children’s flat.


In his review on Postcards from the Gods, Andrew Haydon described it as ‘about the most intelligent [use of video] he’d seen on the British stage. “[The video design] allows the whole to feel like both German art-house theatre (think Castorf and Pollesch) AND British Panto. AT THE SAME TIME. And, more than this, to function as both simultaneously. With no loss of clarity or compromise to integrity of either. Now, if that’s not a bloody neat trick, I don’t know what is. I can’t remember the last time I saw something function so perfectly on at least two levels at once.”


The show is nominated alongside Tal Rosner’s design for ‘8 minutes’ and 59 Productions’ design for ‘City of Glass’.