INTERVIEW: Eugene Onegin in LSI America

Eugene Onegin, which we originally designed for the ENO in 2011, opened this year’s season at the Metropolitan Opera, New York City.

The show was the subject of a five page article in Lighting & Sound America, featuring an interview with the creatives. You can read the whole article by subscribing at

“Each of the opera’s seven scenes begins with a video image—of the countryside, of the River Neva, and of St. Petersburg’s buildings—which were designed by Finn Ross and Ian William Galloway, both of the design firm Mesmer.

Galloway, who notes that the video sequences are helpful in suggesting the passage of time in the opera, says the images are “a real mix of images from Russia, stills, and some computer-generated stuff. In some cases, we took shots of the British countryside and replaced all the trees. We started working in the summer, which meant we were perfectly suited to get harvest time images but not anything else.” Each image appears to be still at first, but then a bit of movement appears—rustling leaves, birds in flight, running river water; also in each, a tiny bit of color appears—a little pink dawn or blue water. “There’s something storyish about the way the images fade in, with the color bleeding in after that,” he adds. “They function like chapter titles, with scene paintings.” The projections are delivered using the Met’s house units, a pair of Christie 35Ks. “There’s a tiny amount of rear projection in some scenes, just to help the lighting, but all the resources are at the front of house.””

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