Hayley Egan

Production Associate

Hayley has been working with Mesmer since 2016. 

She has a diverse professional background across the film, television and theatre industries. After relocating to London, she worked for a motion-graphics studio on a host of well known TV programmes. She re-trained in video design, compelled to use moving image for artistic and immersive experiences.

Currently she is an associate to video designers working in theatre; animating, editing and media programming. 

As a production manager she has worked with Mesmer to produce large-scale video installations, most recently Veuve Cliquot’s ‘Widow Series IV’ and Balenciaga at Selfridges. This year she produced ‘The Production of Truth, Justice and History’ exhibition for Warwick University at the Tate Modern. 

Hayley graduated from the University of Kent with first class honours in film theory, during which time she was awarded two scholarships to study in India and Paris.