• Grange Park Opera, Hampshire, 2013
  • Buxton Festival, Buxton, 2013

Fortunio is a 1907 French opera by AndrĂ© Messager that received it’s UK premiere at Grange Park Opera in 2001 and has been revived in 2013 with the addition of some video projection. The story follows the affairs of Jacqueline with an army captain and the young Fortunio who ousts him in Jacqueline’s affections.

The beautifully subtle set design by Francis O’Connor uses moments of projection to set the scene, suggest various liaisons and continue parts of the storyline through scene changes. This included filming cast members and inserting them into ‘period’ footage and creating a stylistically consistent early cinema style. The main projection surface was a gauze that allowed for bleed through transitions as well as being part of the interior decor and the gauze lighting states were closely coordinated with Warren Letton’s lighting design for these transitions.