Anya Hindmarch – SS14 Catwalk Show

  • Central Hall Westminster, London, 2013

Mesmer is very proud to have taken part in Anya Hindmarch’s “Out of this World” SS14 Catwalk show at London’s Fashion week this year.

Mesmer designed and implemented a kinetic sculpture consisting of 40 of Anya’s new handbag collection. Arranged in a grid of 10 x 4 the bags lined the length of the catwalk. All individually controlled and choreographed to the soundtrack for the show.

The bags rose and fell to create motion and shapes as models walked amongst them. Described by Vogue as “Cirque du Soleil for handbags” the show was an astronomical success and upheld Anya Hindmarch’s reputation for innovative and extremely detailed approach to her shows.

Photography by Laura Huhta

"Cirque du Soleil for handbags"
- Vogue