Aristophanes Now

  • Speira Speira, Athens, 2013
  • Tour, Europe, 2013
  • RADA, London, 2013
  • Epidaurus Festival, Greece, 2013

‘Aristophanes Now’ presented all the comedies of Aristophanes in a contemporary cabaret format with live band and singers. The production is composed, written and partly performed by the legendary Stamatis Kraounakis and his company Speira Speira. His view on the condition of Greece is expressed by the use of art and specifically comedy to attack and expose the political hypocrisy and confront the social depression of the Greek and wider European situation.

The piece started in Athens and has toured to Romania, Turkey and London before returning to the Epidaurus festival and the home of theatre. Mesmer supplied the touring projection  and playback rig as well as assisting takis in the design and construction of the screens.

Stamatis and designer takis wanted to use a simple staging with screens to present the songs with imagery and atmospheric colour. The initial stages were workshops that included creating animations with the company to explore ways of expressing the emotions of the piece. This was then developed by Dick with the company into the final format of the show and has become part of their repertoire.

Photography by Bill Knight, Chara Gerasimopoulou, Kostas Fragkopoulos, Nicolae Stoian.

  • Animator
  • Daniel Denton
  • Client
  • Designer
  • takis
  • Director
  • Stamatis Kraounakis