Beautiful Burnout

  • Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh, UK, 2010
  • Touring, UK, 2010
  • St. Ann's Warehouse, New York City, USA, 2011
  • Sydney Festival, Sydney, AUS, 2012
  • International Arts Festival, Perth, AUS, 2013
  • International Festival of the Arts, Wellington, NZ, 2013
  • Touring, UK, 2012

Keep your guard up. Protect yourself at all times. Protect your boy. Keep him safe. That is all that matters. Beautiful Burnout is a thrilling new piece of highly physical theatre immersing the audience in the explosive world of boxing.

Ian William Galloway designs video for Frantic Assembly‘s new production with the National Theatre of Scotland, written by Bryony Lavery.

The video design is shown on a high resolution video wall of 21 LCD televisions, powered by five Catalyst systems, and shot on RedOne cam at resolutions up to 4k.

Beautful Burnout won one of The Scotsman’s Fringe First awards for 2010.

Unlike often superfluous instances of technology in the theatre, Ian William Galloway’s video design adds greatly to the drama. The combination of film and movement is fascinating, supporting tension and emphasising a beauty that can be seen in the sport.
The London Paper
It's the way this story is told – through a mix of video, replays, a revolving stage and some astonishingly choreographed training sequences – that makes it so compelling.
The Guardian