Before I Leave

  • Sherman Theatre, Cardiff, 2016

Written by Patrick Jones for The National Theatre of Wales and based on a Merthyr choir who use singing to tackle living with Alzheimers. The production confronts many of the associated social issues and has a live choir singing many of the songs that keep the characters connected to reality. This includes new material by The Manic Street Preachers. Each character is placed in photographic locations filmed in Merthyr by Dick, and his projection design utilises ultra wide angle projection to allow for back stage access and multi level staging.

The production also reunites Dick with Matthew Dunster, Anna Fleischle and Ian Dickinson.

  • Video Programmer
  • Dan Trenchard
  • Director
  • Matthew Dunster
  • Designer
  • Anna Fleischle
  • Sound Designer
  • Ian Dickinson
  • Lighting Designer
  • Joe Fletcher
Projection fits into the set almost seamlessly to create the worlds of the characters outside of the choir.
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