Brandon Generator

  • Farmiloe Building, London, 2012

Brandon Generator is the animated character created by Edgar Wright and Tommy Lee Edwards. The beautifully animated interactive adventures of Brandon Generator are used to demonstrate the power of Internet Explorer 9 and its HTML5 engine.Brandon Generator

The U.K. event to promote the launch of IE9 was held in the Farringdon Farmiloe building, a location highly reminiscent of Brandon’s London. Mesmer created projection mapped scenes from the animations to overly on the building surfaces and provide an immersive backdrop for the event. Using our Catalyst and multiple projectors the most iconic elements from the animations were sequenced to transform the Farmiloe atrium into a Brandon Generator location. We supplied the editing and content post production services to facilitate our projection design and also lit the whole environment. In addition we supplied all the technical production supplies including video breakout displays and the cinema screening warehouse where the latest episode was premiered to 200 guests and the creators held a Q&A.