British Fashion Awards 2012

  • Savoy Theatre, London, 2012

Inspired by the shape of a rose flower the set design for this year’s British Fashion Awards consisted of a aluminium structure lined with LED strips and invisible projection screens that come to life with visuals and sound responsive imagery created by Silent Studios.

Mesmer together with Jack Banks provided technical consultation. A bespoke solution was created to map the structure in 3D so that video could be played back through the LED batons on the structure. Through the innovative use of projection materials we were able to create a projection surface that let the clarity and brightness of the LEDs behind shine through but when projected on became opaque.

We used two Catalyst Media Servers to playback and a High End Full Boar 3  to control the whole thing. The LED batons were Barco Mistrip and the projectors 20k Lumen HD Panasonics. All of this was supplied by XL Video who also supplied a 4 camera PPU to record and relay the event to people sitting on the upper circle and outside.

Click here for a video of the event: British Fashion Awards 2012