• Almeida Theatre, London, 2013
  • Harold Pinter Theatre, London, 2013

Lucy Kirkwoods new play explores the changing relationship between China and America through the eyes of a photographer who took one of the iconic “Tank Man” photographs in Tianinmen Square in 1989.

The set is a rotating white cube made up of multiple sliding panels creating doors, widows, openings, rooms, fish stall, apartments, strip clubs, newspaper offices and many other locations. The video design is a series of photographs, as if taken by the shows protagonist, mapped on to this cube.

Kirkwood deals with the ethics and practice of photojournalism; and this is dazzlingly reflected in Es Devlin's design, in which blown up, contact-sheet images are projected on to a revolving cube
The Guardian
superb use of photographic projections, often resembling the contact prints of news photographs. This is a stage show with the jump-cut fluidity of a film
The Telegraph