Das Portrait

  • Kornmarkt Theater, Bregenze, 2010
  • Pfalztheater, Kaiserslautern, 2011

Psyche, Chartkove’s muse is traditional played by a dancer or actress.  In this production we used stop frame animation to perform the role of Psyche.  We devised a special system of drawing, recording and post production to allow a large degree of flexibility with the material when in production.

This allowed us to create some wonderful sequences of Psyche moving and reacting to both music and her creator, Chartkove. In addition to this we also made a series of living portraits, more of Chartkov’s creations, who would either stand silently on the wall, laugh at the Chartkove or even morph into the devil.

The System had 2 Barco SLM R12+ for rear projection and 1 X Christie Roadster 16k + for front projection.  All projectors were focused to a large moving glass mirrored wall.  Within these three physical out puts 14 virtual outputs were created for various picture frames on walls or free standing frames on the floor.

Technically and dramtically captivating video
Straubinger Tagblatt
Magical video projections
Austrian Press Agency