Dry Powder

  • Hampstead Theatre, London, 2018

In the same week his private equity firm forced massive layoffs at a supermarket chain, Rick threw himself a lavish engagement party – which even featured an elephant – setting off a publicity nightmare. However all’s not lost when you’re the titan of high finance – there’s still an abundance of cash in reserve and Seth, one of Rick’s partners, spots an opportunity to salvage the company’s reputation with an investment that’s both sound and PR-friendly. The game is on in Sarah Burgess’ breathtakingly witty and virtuosic comedy exploring the vision, the vulnerability, and the vilification of those shaping – and skewing – the economy.

Anna Ledwich directed this first UK production, which was nominated for a Best New Comedy award at the 2018 Oliviers. Video was projected from a bank of short-throw lenses onto a wide screen, viewed by the audience in the fractured reflections of a bank of revolving mirrors.