Ella Henderson – Britain’s Got Talent

  • Fountain Studios, London, 2014

Salvador Bettencourt Avila provided Catalyst programming services for Ella Henderson’s Performance on the first Semi-Final of Britain’s Got Talent 2014 on ITV. The screen consisted of 2880 spherical pixels arranged into 96 vertical strings of 30 pixels. Together they made up a 3d cube 12m x 8m x 6m. Basic Monkey provided the Catalysts with the FX200 LED product by XL Video. Paul Mccauley and Connie Glover (XL Video) planned and supervised the construction of the cube. Particularly challenging was the timescale in which it had to be de-rigged; 4min! But the XL video executed the strike to perfection leaving the stage clear for the show to go on after the advert break.

James Cooksey (Basic Monkey) brought in Ben of Red Dog to create content for the show. James came up with a clever solution for mapping and content creation that enabled for an efficient workflow and visualisation of how the content would look once mapped to the 3D Cube.