Going Dark

  • Warwick Arts Theatre, Warwick, 2011
  • Touring, UK Tour, 2012
  • Young Vic Theatre, London, 2012
  • Young Vic Theatre, London, 2012
  • Societaetstheater, Dresden, 2013

Going Dark is a one man show written by Hattie Naylor with Sound and Fury and produced by Fuel Theatre. Originally opening at Warwick Arts Centre in 2011 and then touring the UK it had two runs at the Young Vic in 2012 and was most recently staged in 2013 at Dresden Societaettheater.

The story weaves the descent into blindness of the main character Max, whilst exploring the issues of perception and both the physics and philosophy of our place in the universe. The initial design by Ales Valasek was the winning entry for the 2009 Linbury prize.

Performed in the round and in almost complete darkness the projection and sound design locate the real and imagined journeys through cosmic space and time with ingenious projection techniques that also illustrate the daily exploration of Max coming to terms with his condition. The simple projection set up serves multiple surfaces involving both the expansive ceiling and close up hand held effects used by Max.

We gaze, in pleasurable wonderment, at the Milky Way and at a peripheral glimpse of Andromeda, which is the tip of a huge galactic iceberg... In its union of text, light, sound and slowly developing photographic images, the show is a considerable technical feat.
The Guardian
“…manages to marry the best aspects of such dazzling text-based plays as Stoppard's Arcadia and Frayn's Copenhagen, which make profound use of science as metaphor, with state-of-the art deployment of theatre-as-atmosphere techniques.”
The Independent