• Edinburgh Festival, Festival Theatre, 2017
  • Theatre Royal, Glasgow, 2018

Scottish Opera’s new production of Mark Anthony Turnage and Steven Berkoff’s reworking of the Oedipus story. Set in Thatcherite England it becomes a bitter critique placing the plague of Thebes in North London. Under Joe Hill-Gibbin’s direction the singer operated live camera located in the orchestra pit tracks the action. This stars live maggots making the front row seats a special experience. Teddy bears and punked up baby dolls enter the action and blow by blow food fights feature a full Scottish breakfast (probably not anticipated in the original London setting). Freshly prepared blood pudding, hot tea, runny yolks and tinned tomatoes interact with the stage action both in real time and metaphorically. Not for the squeamish traditionalists.

The opera supertitles also become an integrated part of the video design running through the live camera system and keyed into the projected image.

...tabloid headlines shouting about Brexit, May, Johnson, and some fun live-video effects (very live in the case of squirming maggots).
Kate Molleson - The Guardian