• National Theatre, London, 2011

Greenland was a multiple-writer project by the National Theatre, on the subject of climate change. The video in the production is used to deliver information in a timely fashion with statistics on everything from arctic ice melt to how many miles a bottle of wine travels to reach it’s drinker.  We also had flocks of animated Guillimots flying around the stage and the auditorium and elements of live camera layered into various animations.

Working with Digital Artist Tim Blazdel we created three dimensional silhouette model of a Guillimot and flew hundreds of them around in 3d Studio max to get the moving in a theatrically stylized manner, and then projected them on the wall of the auditorium, the proscenium and over that stage creating a beautiful sight of a flock of Guillimots in the Lyettelton Theatre.

The main area of projection was the 15m wide rear wall of the Leyttelton theatre, for which we used 2 Panasonic 12k projectors edge blended to give us a resolution higher than 2K.  Catalyst’s were the media server’s of choice processing all the footage and HD camera signals and it was programmed on a  Hog 3.