Hitchcock Blonde

  • Royal Court Theatre, London, 2003
  • Lyric Theatre, London, 2003
  • South Coast Repertory, Los Angeles, 2013
  • Alley Theatre, Houston, 2007

Dick Straker and Sven Ortel of Mesmer realised Bill Dudley’s design for the original production of ‘Hitchcock Blonde’ at the Royal Court Theatre in 2003. The production made use of animated scenery as well as special effects onto gauzes and water. It transferred to the West End shortly after completing it’s Royal Court run, and won Bill Dudley an Olivier Award for set design.

In 2006 the production was reprised in California, at South Coast Repertory, using an updated projection system, and realised by Ian William Galloway.

In 2007 the production was re-created at the Alley Theatre in Houston, with an upscaled set and higher resolution imagery, realised by Ian William Galloway.