• Touring, Europe, 2009
  • Touring, UK, 2010
  • Theatre de la Ville, Paris, 2010
  • Touring, Italy, 2010

Maurice Maeterlinck’s symbolist play Interior was the beginning for Vanishing Points exploration of the long dark Scottish nights and the survival mechanisms people develop to live through the darkness.  The audience sit looking at the side of a house from which a large section has been cut and replaced with glass.  We watch 7 people at their most painfully human negotiate their way through a dinner party.  We can not hear a word of what they say, the show is only sparsely narrated by a mysterious voice who is neither angel nor human.

The projection is incredibly simple, we used the outside of the house as our canvas very gradually lifting the house from the mortal earth up into the sky and eventually sending it off into the stars.  Gusts of snow and stars fly around the house at times, and a large moon slowly rolls it’s way over the building taking the house with it into the night.  All elements were individually produced and composited live using Catalyst.