Large-format Outdoor Projection

From the early 90’s and throughout the decade Mesmer pioneered the use of large format projection in outdoor environments. Landmarks in London, Ireland and Europe utilised ‘guerilla’ and  legal projection stunts to highlight cultural, political and commercial events. They included an eighteen month installation during the refurbishment of St. Pancras station which used five large format projectors, The Houses of Parliament during the Irish peace initiative with simultaneous projection in Dublin, the Berlin Wall during the European Snowboard Championships followed by projection onto the Alpine mountains of Val D’Isere and numerous other locations that made for front page publicity. They were often groundbreaking in combining traditional darkroom techniques and the use of pre digital projection technology to map images to architecture. Mesmer were at the forefront of using the most powerful projection technology of the time and emerging image mapping techniques whilst also managing the technical logistics of mobile projection systems. During this time we worked for artists, PR agencies, multi national corporations, and event consultants but never once did an exploding brick wall to ‘collapse’ the building.