Little Otik

  • Citizens Theatre, Glasgow, 2008
  • Touring, UK, 2008

The first stage adaptation of Svankmajer dark fairy tale film Little Otik.  Vanishing Point and National Theatre of Scotland co produced the show leading to the National Theatre of Scotland’s first large scale use of projection.

The show draws you into a hellish world of peat, soil, earth, water and wood as an infertile couple find a stump of wood who looks like the child they hunger for.  Their belief this lump of wood is their child grows leading it to turn from the seemingly innocent Little Otik in to a hungry monster consuming post men, social workers, cats, pedophiles, parents and innocent by standers.

The projection, along with Chris Shutt’s excellent sound design, created an atmospheric world of wood and soil on stage with babies and monsters rampaging across the stage, up and down doors and through table cloths.   All controlled by a Grand MA and ran through 2 Catalysts.