• Tramway, Glasgow, 2012
  • Lincoln Center Festival, New York City, 2012
  • Barrymore Theater, New York City, 2013

The National Theatre of Scotland presents it’s first Shakespeare – a one-man Macbeth performed by Alan Cumming. After an opening run at the Tramway, Glasgow, it was presented at the 2012 Lincoln Center Festival, and then the following year on Broadway.

A single patient is led into a disused psychiatric ward where he is observed from on high as he plays out the tragedy of Macbeth. He is observed by two near-silent orderlies, and by three ominous security cameras, which take various roles throughout the show.

Ian and Salvador at Mesmer developed a custom control system to allow the use of three overt surveillance cameras with minimal delay. The operator could adjust the positions of the cameras relative to the cast via an iPad interface, allowing security-style camera following.

the complex video design by Ian William Galloway plays its own eerie tricks; and the music, by Max Richter, is haunting and propulsive
New York Times