Madame Butterfly

  • Glyndebourne, Glyndebourne, 2016

Derived from a true story of a Japanese geisha married and abandoned by an American sailor, Puccini’s popular masterwork unfolds as a disastrous clash of East and West. In Glyndebourne’s first-ever production of Madama Butterfly, director Annilese Miskimmon delves deep into the humanity of the ill-fated Cio-Cio San and the American naval officer who marries her after both fall prey to false and dangerous stereotypes of one another’s cultures.

As part of highlighting this humanity, we set a secret projector on-stage, allowing us to run through the endless options of arranged brides as if in slideshow, or allowing Butterfly to show her husband the myth she’s been peddled using U.S Govt newsreels.

The production starts as a touring production and will be upscaled in 2018 for the Glyndebourne Festival.