• Gothenburg Opera House, Sweden, 2015

Notorious has had its world premiere at Gothenburg Opera with video design by Dick Straker.

Based on the Hitchcock movie starring Ingrid Bergman the opera was composed by Hans Gefors and the design strongly utilises the 1946 film aesthetic. A full stage width projected back drop and multiple flown and tracking screens place many of the scenes into the locations and details of the movie plot. Additional filmed elements of key characters extend the movie style whilst clarifying the narrative and maintain the filmic experience of the production.

Dick Straker worked closely with all other design elements to integrate the projected look and feel of the movie into the epic scale of this ambitious opera.

The stage plays with a lot of projections that remind us with their images in black and white of the 1946 film.

The program shows the complexity of production and the concept of an exciting, modern opera was a complete success.

The Swedish world premiere of Notorious is an all-round successful production that shows even contemporary opera can still have a great future.
Katharina Hogrefe - Bachtrack