Portrait of a Nation

  • St Georges Hall, Liverpool, 2008

Directed by Orit Azaz and designed by Dan Potra, the centre piece screen used animation, live camera and pre recorded footage to tell the story of the contributing youth groups whose live performances took place beneath the screen. Dick Straker worked with XL Video and River Media to integrate the screen’s multiple narratives into the live musical event.

Portrait of a Nation required the use of both Catalyst and Encore to deliver the variety of pre-recorded and live feeds to the screen. The format of the screen and the use of both front and overhead cameras meant that there was no consistent aspect ratio and content had to be processed through Catalyst before being composited in Encore. Camera feeds of performers were keyed into their animations and overhead camera shots were projected onto the screen to mirror the stage choreography.

Dick Straker co-ordinated the content and programming with Ian Galloway programming and controlling Catalyst live whilst Jonathan Bond programmed Encore. Ray G Williams directed cameras.