Riverdance Premiere Show

  • Point Depot, Dublin, 1995

The first full stage production of the long running Riverdance show was produced in Dublin in 1995. Mesmer were the projection consultants and suppliers for the show and developed the format that went on to become one of the most popular stage shows of all time and a genuine cultural phenomena.

Using short throw large format slide projectors with custom edge blending to create a 22 metre wide backdrop, the images were used throughout the show and were the most prominent part of the original set design. Robert Ballagh, the prominent Irish artist, created the original hand painted designs and Mesmer converted the media into the large format projection media during the early days of  analogue to digital format conversions for this type of bespoke application. However the particular projection issues for this show remain and the custom edge blending techniques we used then are still called on for particularly difficult installations today.