• Bochum Schauspielhaus, Bochum, Germany, 2019

Robotboy explores the recent neuroscience discoveries around the artificial creation of human brains. It is a collaboration between Theatre Rites and Bochum Schauspielhaus and is aimed at a young adult audience.

The creation of a brain from stem cells and its development and implantation into the puppet ‘Robotboy’ is augmented on multiple levels using the video design within the laboratory staging. Internal and external live cameras to give Robotboy vision are used across the multiple screen surfaces of the set. They work as both practical narrative devices and extensions of the imaginary world. The practical laboratory processes are illustrated with original video animations. The animations visualise the perceptual and imaginary world of Robotboy’s developing brain and are blended and synchronised into the stage action.

Dick Straker worked closely with Joanna Scotcher to design the projection screens within the set design and with director Sue Buckmaster to ensure the visual and stage narratives were closely integrated. Co-ordinating the animation and actor / puppeteer movements with Charlotte Duberry and complementing the musical compositions with Jessica Dannheisser was a crucial part of the immersive world which mesmerised an audience often encompassing three generations.

  • Video Programmer
  • Fabian Hoffmann
  • Director
  • Sue Buckmaster
  • Designer
  • Joanna Scotcher
  • Composer
  • Jessica Dannheisser
  • Lighting Designer
  • Wolfgang Macher
  • Choreographer
  • Charlotte Duberry