Secret Cinema: Blade Runner

  • Secret Location, London, 2018

Mesmer continues it’s collaboration with Secret Cinema in 2018 with Blade Runner: The Director’s Cut. Taking over a secret London location to re-create future-2019 Chinatown in all it’s neon glory, we provided content creation, technical support and installation.

Mesmer oversaw all video installation on-site,  making use of LED walls, projection, holographic special effects, interactive touchscreens and TFT and CRT video monitors. We worked closely with the Secret Cinema marketing and branding teams to make sure all the future-company logos were consistent across all the in-world advertising and worked with Asahi, Johnnie Walker and Tesla to create themed retro campaigns for use across the site.

Overall, we created over 200 separate clips, idents, special effects and adverts for the site, with six animators working on and off-site.