• Setagaya Public Theatre, Tokyo, 2008
  • Barbican Centre, London, 2009
  • Setagaya Public Theatre, Tokyo, 2009
  • Touring, World, 2010

Shunkin is an exploration of two Junichiro Tanizaki texts, a short story “A Portrait of Shunkin” and his essay on Japanese aesthetics “In Praise of Shadows”.  The show looks at turn of the 20th century Japanese society, following the story of Shunkin though her life.

The world of the show is one of murky shadows from which people, puppets, fabrics and the set emerge and disappear.  The projection focuses on developing the ghostly layers of the production as images float in and out of focus or flash violently making you question the fabric of what you are watching.

The show was developed over 14 weeks of devising in both London and Tokyo, and made its premier in March 2008, since when it has made 3 massively successful returns to Tokyo and won several prestigious Japanese theatre awards.

  • Video Programmer
  • Sam Hunt
  • Producer
  • Setagaya Public Theatre
  • Director
  • Simon McBurney