Spring Awakening

  • Touring, UK, 2014

Unnerving, entertaining, funny and dark, Wedekind’s definitive play about youth caused riots when it exploded onto the stage in 1906 and has lost none of its provocative power. Brought bang up to date by award-winning young playwright Anya Reiss and director Ben Kidd, this new version examines the exuberance, intensity and confusion of teenage life today. Spring Awakening asks important and pressing questions about how young people are shaped for their future by a generation that doesn’t understand them.

In a world where all communication is augmented and added to by the internet, we tried to find ways of showing this onstage without laborious people-typing-in-facebook projections. This led us to stylised filmed sequences of the characters in the local parks, suicides conducted as online movies, and a live camera feed direct from iPhone.

  • Associate Designer
  • Leo Flint
  • Video Operator
  • Ben Walden
  • Camera Assistant
  • Bella Riza
  • Director
  • Ben Kidd
  • Production Designer
  • Colin Richmond
  • Lighting Designer
  • Malcolm Rippeth
  • Sound Designer
  • George Dennis