Secret Cinema: Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back

  • Secret Location, London, 2015

Secret Cinema presents The Empire Strikes Back at a secret location in south-east London. An immersive experience on a massive scale. An interactive theatre event where the audience interact and become part of the Star Wars world.

A gigantic project that involved various technologies – Salvador together with Oliver oversaw the delivery of all video elements used at this event. Over 24 Projectors and 30 screens were used together with a centralised control system allowed for tight control to help deliver Duncan McLean’s video design.

The unique 3 screen screening room arrangement called for precise, frame accurate, playback across the whole site projecting on existing structures as well as fabricated screens.

The show ran for 4 months, operated by Ben Walden, without any technical issues.


  • Video Designer
  • Duncan McLean
  • Production Engineer
  • Oliver Luff
  • Video Programmer
  • Emily Harding
  • Video Technician
  • Ethan Forde
  • Video Technician
  • Ross Bristo
  • Video Technician
  • Alan Drake
  • Video Technician
  • James Paul
  • Video Operator
  • Ben Walden
  • Creative Director
  • Fabian Rigall