Ten Plagues

  • Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, 2011

A one man song-cycle, performed by Marc Almond and written by Mark Ravenhill. London is infected. The dead fall in the streets, the plague of 1665 takes hold and we go on one man’s journey through a city in crisis.

Video, mapped on to the contours of the set creates a dead and ghostly presence moving around the stage haunting and interacting with our protagonist.

  • Client
  • Producer
  • Traverse Theatre
  • Director
  • Stuart Laing
Exquisite video art
The Telegraph
The stage is set as if for an oratorio, 15 illuminated music stands across the front and an upper area where Finn Ross's videos are projected: scenes of Hamlet with a skull, writhing bodies, burning night and blazing sunlight as "the dead are screaming still
The Independent