The Audience

  • Gielgud Theatre, London, UK, 2013

Helen Mirren reprises her role as The Queen in a new piece by Peter Morgan, directed by Stephen Daldry.

Short stings of archive footage were inserted throughout the show, each single shot lengthend and slowed down to ten times it’s original length, appearing as memories or impressions as the timeline of the play shifts back and forth through the decades.

We started with six months of archive research, narrowing hundreds of files and clips down to two minutes of slow-motion footage used in the final play – footage of royal visits, state funerals and the Queen as a child.

  • Assistant Designer
  • Moira Lam
  • Director
  • Stephen Daldry
  • Production Designer
  • Bob Crowley
  • Lighting Designer
  • Rick Fiser
  • Sound Designer
  • Paul Arditti