The Coast of Utopia

  • National Theatre, London, 2002

The epic National Theatre three play production of Tom Stoppard’s historical sweep through Russian and European history directed by Trevor Nunn began as a collaboration with Bill Dudley and led to the same team creating The Woman in White for Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Dick Straker produced the projection design to realise Bill Dudley’s vision of a 270ยบ projection surface for 3D animated backdrops and oversaw the video and animation team.
It began an ongoing investment at the National Theatre in digital technology and the creation of the first video department which introduced new means of delivering video projection to their stages.

Stoppard's vision is expertly realised in Trevor Nunn's production, and in William Dudley's projections. The stage is cleared for epic and intimate events, while in the background we see revolving vistas of everything from pine-filled Russian estates to an ice-covered Richmond Park.
Michael Billington-TheGuardian