The Commission

  • Aldeburgh Music, Snape Maltings, 2014
  • Opera North, Leeds, 2014
  • Royal Opera House, Linbury Theatre, 2014

The Commission is a new piece of Opera composed by Elspeth Brooke and was written to include both video and foley as part of its performance. The video design has been developed collaboratively with Director Annabel Arden and set designer Joanna Parker. It included close up filming of a locust colony at Cambridge University Zoological dept. and filming of the set being painted which was projected back onto the actual set as part of the developing texture of the surfaces. This was an important visual parallel to both the psychological and physical behaviour of key characters and the intensity of the relationships being portrayed. Using Catalyst, the subtle blending of the actual and projected surface of the screen was explored to heighten and represent the developing crisis of the stage action.

Photography by Steve Cummisky & Dick Straker