The Graduate

  • Touring, UK, 2017

Benjamin returns from college to high expectations of a bright future in aspirational, middle-class America. The only trouble is, the thought of that future makes him sick to his stomach. When he meets another disillusioned soul in his parents’ best friend Mrs Robinson, their illicit relationship takes them on a thrillingly destructive course that threatens everyone’s future happiness.

Terry Johnson’s adaptation of Charles Webb’s novel premiered at West Yorkshire Playhouse before touring to Curve Leicester, Cardiff and Malvern. We mapped Benjamin’s mental state throughout the show, using footage of characters faces filmed during rehearsals, ink washes and the view from his retreat – the pool.

The dream-like scenography is further enhanced by Ian William Galloway’s superb, arresting video design.
Ian Galloway’s videos of palm trees and swimming pools provide a sense of place without overwhelming the drama on stage.
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