Nancy Harris’ adaptation of Tolstoy’s novella opened at the Gate Theatre in Notting Hill in 2009, before returning and touring to New York in 2012.

The single protagonist, Pozdnyshev, sits in an empty train carriage and recounts the tale of his marriage, his rivalries and the death of his wife. His memories are brought to life through the train window, both physically and with projection.

Dan Stafford Clark originally created the film clips during a shoot at the ROH in London. These were then edited, composited and integrated into the action by Ian William Galloway of Mesmer.

Ian William Galloway’s projection evokes Pozdnyshev’s agonized memories, with a transparent screen sometimes allowing us to see voyeuristically his wife and friend behind embracing (in his heated imagination) and playing music.
...poetic projections by Ian William Galloway
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