The Master and Margarita

  • Barbican Centre, London, 2012
  • Teatros des Canal, Madrid, 2012
  • Bourgtheater, Vienna, 2012
  • Festwochen, Recklinghausen, 2012
  • Stadschouwburg Theatre, Amsterdam, 2012
  • Festival d'Avignon, Avignon, 2012
  • Barbican Centre, London, 2012

The devil comes to Moscow to hold a ball, which must be hosted by a woman called Margarita. A man, The Master, writes a book that is dangerous. Another is taken into a mental asylum because a cat stole his friend’s head. And Pontus Pilate endeavors to stop Jesus from being executed. Bulgakov’s study of mercy forms our show.

Video is used like another character in the show, representing the omnipresent threat of the government and its minions hanging over the characters, trapping them in small physical or emotional spaces within a much larger one. It also acts as a framing device – helping the eye find its focus with in an vast space. We projection map over a large wall of bricked up windows that looms over a wide raked floor, also covered with video and on to peoples bodies and sliding bits of set.

5 x Panasonic PT DZ110X are used with 4 HD cameras,  2 Catalysts and a Grand MA 2 for give over 400 cues spread over 9 different cue lists all wonderfully controlled by Adam Young.