The Prophet

  • Gate Theatre, London, 2012

The Prophet documents personal lives and political events currently happening in Egypt in the fight for personal rights and social democracy. The writer Hassan Abdulrazzak’s connections with underground Egyptian film makers influenced the use of video to portray the Tahrir Square struggle which is interwoven with the stories of the main characters.

Evoking the Cairo locations and unfolding events utilised layered projection techniques built into Holly Pigott’s set design and careful synchronisation with Alex Baranowski’s sound design. Using a mid stage gauze on the tight Gate stage enabled a further street perspective to be revealed and the prison cell torture to be subliminally experienced.

In Cairo it makes use of montages of film shot on the city's streets but presents us with the events and spirit of that day as part of a personal and fictitious story... Its atmosphere is greatly aided by the video and lighting of Dick Straker and Mark Howland
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