The Turn of the Screw

  • Theater an der Wien, Vienna, 2011

Robert Carson sets the opera as Hitchcock psychological-thriller, with the Governess as the neurotic and beautiful lead, evoking a Tippy Hedrin like character.  Set, costume, props and video are all in black and white creating a clean and stark environment for the show to play out in.

The video has two big jobs in the show, firstly, it fills a series of massive windows looking out on to the bare and lonely park land that surrounds Bly House, where at one point the ghost of Quint drifts past.

Secondly there are two major film sections to the piece, the first filmed on location in a Victorian train carriage outside of Vienna is for the Governesses journey to Bly.  We borrowed a great deal of camera and lighting technique from Hitchcock, making something that feels very 1930’s. This 3 minute short film grows out of a slide show and is then cut live to the orchestra and singer to keep everything perfectly in sync.

The next large film piece is a 8 minute short, again cut live to the orchestra and signers for the Governesses sexual-nightmare at the end of Act 1.  Over two days we filmed with all the singers in the piece using a mixture of hand held, steady cam, jib and conventional tripod to create nightmare the was projected onto a gauze with the bed vertically upright behind it.

All play back on Pandoras Box, control by Grand MA 2 and using a mixture of Charistie Roadster S+16k and Barco FLM R+22.

  • Client
  • Producer
  • Theater an der Wien
  • Director
  • Robert Carson