This is The Eighties

  • Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre, Kuwait, 2018

A celebration of Kuwaiti Television and popular culture from a formative time in it’s history.

Kuwait was at the forefront of Arabic and middle eastern television production in the nineteen eighties. Now the generation who grew up with this influence are producing current Kuwaiti culture and this show celebrates a time when both television and life were more straightforward. The musical and visual concept is an original in-house production by the Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre which forms part of the thriving Kuwaiti cultural district. Mesmer have collaborated as part of the wider creative team brought together to realise this production. It’s success in May has resulted in a re-creation of the show for October.

An ambitious use of multiple flown LED screens and projection is integrated into the constant live orchestral and choral performance. Mesmer developed the concept with the full UK and Kuwaiti creative teams and suppliers using Disguise media servers, 3D transparent and solid LED screens which could all fly independently and three full stage projection screens.