Toyota ‘The Night That Flows’

  • The Printworks, London, 2017

Milla Jovovich, starred in the world’s first ever drive through immersive theatre experience, to launch the new Toyota C-HR.

The seven-scene interactive production – entitled ‘The Night That Flows’ – was staged within Printworks London. The experience saw over 100 guests immersed in the story of one amazing fictional night as they flowed through five European cities, including Berlin, Milan, Paris, Barcelona and London.

Working with James Seager and Joe Hufton from London’s immersive theatrical group Les Enfants Terribles & international award winning set designer takis, Mesmer provided technical consultancy and design of multiple projected surfaces to create the many different immersive environments, including the projected roulette wheel, shown on the floor and used as a target for the stunt drivers.