Volvo Gothenburg

  • Gothenburg, Sweden, 1998

In 1997 Volvo invited their international sales teams to Gothenburg to experience a stage show to launch their new range of commercial vehicles. It took six months to complete the viewing by all teams and the show ran nightly during this period. The stage was custom built and allowed a full length truck to drive around the stage and through the auditorium. The backdrop to all the stage scenery was a projected 270 degree wraparound screen 90m long and 8m high. Mesmer created, installed and operated the projection system which used multiple large format transparency scrolls edge blended from four sources to fill the entire screen. These were supplied by Hardware for Xenon’s projection luminary Jean-Luc Michaud with whom we worked closely to develop the scrolling system. The show control was automated to run in sync with the stage control, audio, lighting and we worked closely with Dataton legend Nick Ketteringham to deliver this. We also worked with the design team on content creation and converted the media into the projection scrolls using newly developed digital printing techniques.