Video Projection & Design

The majority of our work is as designers, working as part of the creative team alongside directors, choreographers and set designers. As well the conceptual design, we create, commision and deliver any filmed content, animation and photography required, as well as developing any live visual effects. We also advise on the technology required to realise those designs.

Technical Consultancy

We have experience in the entire technical workflow, across many creative and commercial areas. We can therefore consult for clients with existing content and we can advise on what methods of playback, programming and display systems are best suited to the production. We use many suppliers of related equipment and have a network of freelance specialists who can provide additional services.

Equipment Hire

Our stock of production equipment is based around image playback and projection, lighting and control system peripherals. Our hire stock is derived from supporting our own designs and we custom build solutions for individual applications. This can extend to integrated hardware and software solutions to augment larger systems.